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The New York Times
November 21, 2010    

Jennifer May (Bees Knees), Sally Ryan (Girl & The Goat), Craig Lee (Prospect), 
Lee Celano (Mike's on The Avenue), for The New York Times

Top from left Borscht with grass-fed beef and local vegetables at Bees Knees Cafe in 
Preston Hollow, N.Y.; chickpeas are served three ways at Girl and the Goat in Chicago.
Above from left Wagyu beef with potatoes, cippolinis, trumpet mushrooms and
spinach at Prospect in San Francisco; Louisiana crab and crawfish cakes at Mike's
 on the Avenue in New Orleans.

The Bees Knees Cafe has hit the NY TImes! This Sunday's travel section! Preview online. The 4 Towns are San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans and ... Preston Hollow!
Heather Ridge Farm
989 Broome Center Road
Preston Hollow, NY 12469
Thanks to Tim Lippert for calling this to our attention: "Here’s a ‘Local” farm exceeding all expectations in quality and marketing. I’m really proud of John and Carol for their hard work and accomplishments. Berne could have five or six of these type operations!!"

37 Acres given to Huyck Preserve
Huyck Preserve neighbors Jeri and John Woodhouse formally donated 37 acres of their long-held family property to become part of the Huyck Preserve. The land includes fields and shrub habitats, but is dominated by a pristine quality emergent marsh.

Chad Jemison, Jeri and John Woodhouse
Located just along Route 85 just north of Rensselaerville, this large open wetland is easily viewed and can be enjoyed by all. This land has terrific birding potential and is on the edge of being suitable habitat for the endangered bog turtle. Along with being protected in perpetuity, this wonderful gift will be highly valued at the biological field station for research and education opportunities.

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