Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I have spent the last couple of days working on "Then and Now" pictures for Most of the "Then" pictures I have been putting up recently come from the excellent collection of the Berne Historical Society. Most of the "Now" pictures I have taken from Google Earth. What an amazing resource that is.

I have doubled the number of pictures and arranged them by town. I have gone about as far as I can go from Oaxaca, Mexico. If more pictures are to be added, it will take local folks to do it. I hope there is interest in this project, otherwise it will go no further.

Most of the photos I have added are of Berne because that is what I have access to.

There have been a large number of photos of Rensselaerville added by Will Osterhout from the collection of the Rensselaerville Historical Society. Anyone with the knowledge of the town could use Google Earth and produce some "Now" photos to go with what Will has posted. This can be done from your own home anywhere in the world.

I am thinking this would also be a great idea for a book! If you want to see your house or photo in a book, we welcome your submissions.

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