Monday, October 12, 2009


While trying to help Barbara Thompson find information on her ancestor, Edwin L. Filkins, I did a Google search and surprisingly found something shocking that she had not known; and it was on the Albany Hilltowns wiki site. Russ Tallman, Albany Hilltowns Master of the Web, had posted the 1889 diary of his ancestor, Salem M. Tallman. In it was this entry:

"Fri. Mar 8, 1889 - Squalley and snow flies. Our folks drawed a few logs and sat around - thy fetched in two lambs in eve. MR. GEORGE FILKINS was shot in his side by his Brother EDWIN L. FILKINS."

This may explain why later that year Edwin's wife divorced him and married another man.

Sort of makes one want to search on an ancestors name. It inspired me to update all of the Hilltown sites.

Tallman Family Register of Family of Jonathan Tallman & Caroline Bouton


  1. That's a cool find Hal!

    FYI the link you provide links to the 1899 diary instead of the 1889.

    Further down the page an entry eight days later reads:

    Sat. Mar 16, 1889 - GEORGE FILKINS Departed this life.

    However, 'GEORGE FILKINS Departed this life' is crossed out for some reason.

  2. The Altamont Enterprise also had that he died. In fact the reports of his death were premature. He went on to live three more years.