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September 13, 2010; Note: Since the meeting, we've made some progress in several areas, and info on those have been added to Jane's notes.

Present: Jessica DuVal, John Elberfeld, Roswell Eldridge, Zenie Gladieux, Barb Husek, Chad Jemison & Maya, Dawn Jordan, Tim Lippert, Jack McEneny, Jane McLean, Christine Pollei, Fred Wagner. Zenie facilitated the meeting, Jane acted as scribe.

HELDEBERG MARKET: Sarah submitted a report; Market was on YNN last month, increased visits to website; continues to add new customers; adding two-three new vendors; planning meeting with local farmers to strategize next steps [ex. maximizing four-season farming]

RESEARCHING YOUR HILLTOWN ANCESTORS: 09/25/10, 9:00-11:00, Octagon Barn in Knox; John and Jane reported on event; Zenie will represent HHA; specialists from several groups will be there to add to information-sharing; 10-12 attendees have registered so far; articles beginning to appear in local papers; refreshments will include local ingredients; members asked to spread the word, attend if possible as this is HHA’s first public event [besides our meetings]; Beebe Farm will underwrite costs for event, Russ and Amy Pokorny will provide meeting space at no charge; [mailto: John Elberfeld] for more info; Greenville Pioneer newspaper recommended for Westerlo/Rensselaerville

GENEALOGY EVENT: at Berne Roast Beef Dinner: 10/17/10: Dawn has several members from DAR to assist; Berne fire station has internet access; Dawn will follow up with Gerry; John’s PowerPoint presentation from 09/25 can be available.

N.B, update 9/21: Gerry Chartier has had to pull out of the project.

HILLTOWN FALL FESTIVAL: 10/09/10 in Knox, no report.

N.B. 9/21 A flier was emailed to the group under separate cover.

COUPON: discussed ideas for October; contact Zenie or Michelle if interested in advertising; Crosby Farm and Buddhist Center expressed interest; cost approx. $23 to underwrite [500 copies on colored paper], Michelle will underwrite October; Crosby Farm will underwrite November; Huyck will do April 2011. Discussed insertion of flyer in town papers: Dawn will research Berne paper and Chad will research Rensselaerville paper. We need deadline dates for both.

FALL HIKES: Chad reported: Huyck Preserve Trail Day 10/02/10; he will meet with Mohawk-Hudson group; plan: a Fall hike in each town that weekend

TRAILS: Buddhist Center would like help in designing trails for x-c skiers; could HHA have a recreation committee to help with multiuse of trails?

PHASE II: Chad: how do we coordinate the Hilltowns to bring downhill money uphill? Suggested coordinated effort to request line items on all four town budgets; we should be looking at strategic structures to support economic development; Jack reported on rural resources group in state Assembly, incentive grants for consolidation while retaining individual community identities; “the State’s in no position to help anyone” financially; recommended contacting Michelle at Visitor’s Center in Albany about low-impact tours to Hilltowns

LAND MANAGEMENT: Zenie reported on conversation with Melissa Neely, wildlife biologist with DEC; NYS program to help landowners restrict and manage their land for hunting.

LOGO: discussion of submitted logos and slogans; Barb showed photo of sunflower with idea for wording in center.

N.B. 9/21 - several versions of this idea has been emailed to the group under separate cover. The group seems to be leaning toward the simpler visual. The idea would be to use this as a medallion for road markers, trails, involved businesses, etc. The slogan “The Helderbergs- A Great Place to Be!” was deemed too dull. “Head for the Hills!” is still under consideration. Any and all other ideas - please e-mail them to Zenie or send them out directly to the group, so we can get dialogue going on this before the next meeting.


HHA MISSION STATEMENT: Zenie handed out HHA Goals as listed on Albany Hilltowns website:
  • Promote the study and dissemination of the history of the Helderberg Hilltowns and
the genealogy of the people who live there
  • Historic building preservation in the hamlets and countryside of the Hilltowns
  • Preservation of the farmland and scenic beauty of the Hilltowns
  • Promote farms and farm activities
  • Work towards the economic development of the Hilltowns
  • Encourage low-impact tourism as a means of achieving the above goals.
  • Suggestions from around the table for inclusion in the mission: new jobs on the hill,
cultural tourism, day trips, coordinating and developing ideas, schedules and communications. Barb and Tim will draft a mission statement and “toss it out for comment” before next HHA meeting.

HHA WEBPAGE: John will start a simple webpage for HHA with pages available for businesses/organizations; Tim suggested listserves as a fairly easy way to keep information flowing to our “friends”.

N.B. 9/21: Hal Miller had already reserved for us the site, so we’re good to go there. John will be drafting a sample page for use by a business; if the business already has a page, it will include a link to the other website. Part of the functionality should allow us to collect “friends” names for e-mail updates. Zenie will put together a “check list” of products and services offered on the Hill to make things more searchable.

NEXT MEETING: 10/25/10, Buddhist Center, Game Farm Rd., Berne; 6:00 harvest meal, bring products from your garden to share; will need RSVP when invitation comes out; meeting 7:00


Last fall Rensselaerville Historical Society started a pilot project to scan and upload their genealogy books to RHS Genealogy Files on this site. Half of the books have now been scanned and the pages are ready to code. This can be done from your home computer whenever you have an extra hour or so to help us. No time pressure, no deadlines. Please contact Hal Miller if you can help. Eventually we would like to upload all Hilltown Historical Societies files to the site.


The Hilltowns Genealogy on the Berne Historical Project site has recently been updated recently. There are about 80,000 individuals. If you or your ancestor are from the Hilltowns and should be included but are not, contact Hal Miller. Also, the files have much more information than what is posted on line. Hal will be glad to run off an ancestor or descendant report.

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